Estate Administration

Estate administration solicitors help you with more than just understanding, drafting up and ascertaining a will. They can also provide you with the security that your loved one’s property and information is safe. 

At Keenan & Co Solicitors, we utilise our years of experience in the field of estate administration so you can trust us with the process.

What does the Estate Administration process look like? 

One of the first tasks we go over is to ascertain if the deceased left a will or not. 

This is where the work of estate administration solicitors begins. We will have to: 

  • Identify and collect assets;
  • Open an estate account; 
  • Call up banks and cancel credit cards;
  • Determine if there are any taxes due (both estate and income); 
  • Investigate claims made by creditors; and,
  • Clean out property and list the same for sale.

While doing all of the above-mentioned tasks, we ensure that we keep you updated throughout the entire process and communicate the progress with you. If you are researching this process and thinking about going it alone, know that you might require an accountant or even an assistant to help sort out all of the paperwork.

The Will

While sorting out the will of the deceased, some of the assets do not form a part of the estate because they get passed on by survivorship. After the funeral charges are accounted for, and the deceased’s will is ascertained, the property is to be divided as per the will among the respective recipients. If there is no will, the perished is considered to have passed away intestate, and the domain is split between the closest relative as per the standards as set out under the Succession Act.

The Estate

When ascertaining the deceased’s estate, multiple documents are required. This again is where estate administration solicitors can help as we know what exactly to be on the lookout for. This knowledge will make the process an easier one for you.

In addition to all of this, we will also have to take care of the legalities of the process. At the beginning, we will help identify any tax issues that you might have to deal with. 

That is another thing that we at Keenan & Co and as  estate administration solicitors can help you with. 

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