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Assault Charges

Assault Charges

As described by the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997, a person is guilty of assault in Ireland if:

  • He/She applies force, causing an impact on the body of another person
  • An individual makes another person believe on rational grounds that he/she will be subjected to any such impact, without consent, whether intentionally or unintentionally

The charges of assault come up regularly in Ireland’s courts, requiring the need of assault charges solicitors, as they can give valuable guidance if you have been charged, or ask to visit the Garda Síochána for questioning. 

Types of Assault

The Irish courts recognize three types of assault. They are as follows: 

  • Assault: The first type mostly pertains to non-serious allegations such as a simple push or a punch that may or may not be on purpose. It isn’t deemed as an offence if the nature of ‘force’ used is acceptable in daily conduct, and the offender is unaware of the person’s acceptability.
  • Assault causing harm: Under this category, the assault results in harm to the victim’s body or mind, leading to pain or unconsciousness, or both.
  • Assault causing serious harm: This is a grave offence of assault that causes serious injury to the victim. An injury that poses a death risk or severe disfigurement, extensive impairment of an organ/function/whole body, is perceived as serious harm.

If you are charged with any of these, it is strongly advised you should seek help or advice from solicitors who practice in assault charge law.

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Penalties for Assault

The nature or amount of force used that results in injury are an important element in determining the penalty. Penalties involve either fines or imprisonment, or both. If found guilty, a person is liable to pay a fine of up to €1,500. The imprisonment ranges from 6 months to 5 years, or even 10 years.

If convicted of causing a serious injury, there may be a penalty of an unlimited fine, life imprisonment, or both. Legal help from assault charge solicitors can assist you in getting the right results in such cases.

How can a solicitor help you?

Assault charge solicitors can help you understand the gravity of the charges against you if you are charged with an assault case. Furthermore, they can prepare you for the proceedings, increasing your chances of doing well in the court.


If you have any questions or have been involved in an assault case and are seeking advice, please reach out to our team through our Contact Page or fill out a Consultation Form.

Have you been charged with an Assault?

You must consult an experienced solicitor before recording a statement if charged with an assault. Depending on the nature of offences, legal advice from experienced solicitors practicing assault law can enlighten you about the possible verdict and your odds at a favourable result in the court. 

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