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Compensation Claims Estimator

Compensation Claims Estimator

Compensation claims take into account certain aspects of a personal injury with any after-effects it may have on your quality of life and ability to earn money. Compensation claim amounts are decided with certain aspects in mind, such as the pain/suffering and loss of quality of life for the injured, loss of earnings, medical bills of the injury, loss of future income caused by the injury and the cost of future medical care.


The compensation will vary depending on the severity of a person’s injury; a minor injury is when the person usually fully/substantially recovers from an injury. Moderate injuries are where a person has recovered partly from an injury, but some symptoms persist following recovery, which interferes with a person’s quality of life or interferes with their day-to-day activities. Moderately Severe injuries are the injury that has resulted in long-term/permanent incapacity or physical limitations that impact the part of the body that was injured. Last is severe and permanent conditions where the injury has caused major disruption to the person’s quality of life/ ability to carry out their daily tasks and other areas of their life resulting in serious long-term pain or continuous medical attention.

A warehouse employee was injured in an accident. because the product package fell from the shelves and crushed the employee's leg severely

In case a person has suffered more than one injury...

In case a person has suffered more than one injury in an accident, the injuries board assessing your injury will first look to the most severe injury, and then adjust that value to incorporate any minor/ moderate injuries to arrive at a final amount of compensation to be awarded to you.


A compensation claims estimator is used to calculate the final amount that is to be awarded to you. The following compensation estimates were taken from The Book of Quantum.


The Book of Quantum gives “General Guidelines as to the amounts that may be awarded or assessed in Personal Injury Claims”. See it in full here.

Compensation Estimate

  • Head/ skull injuries: The estimated compensation may lie somewhere between €4, 400 to €144,000.
  • Neck injuries (whiplash/ soft tissue injuries): The estimated compensation may lie somewhere between €15,700 to €77,900.
  • Back injuries and spinal fracture: The estimated compensation may lie somewhere between €14,800 to €139,000.
  • Upper limb injuries: The estimated compensation may lie somewhere between €8,000 to €87,700.
  • Upper Limb Disorders: The estimated compensation may lie somewhere between €14,000 to €76,600.
  • Lower Limb Injuries: The estimated compensation may lie somewhere between €10,900 to €102,000.

Body and Internal Organs

  1. Rib(s)/ chest Bone Fracture: €13,700 – €80,000
  2. Heart:€18,500 – €22,100
  3. Lung injuries:€14,600 – €82,700
  4. kidney injuries: €13,400- €35,500
  5. Bowel and digestive system:€21,300 –€93,900
  6. Bladder: €14,200-€86,000
  7. Spleen:€21,300- €73,100
  8. Hernias:€25,700– €60,300
  9. Food poisoning:€14,500– €40,300
The compensation estimates are to provide you with general guidelines of compensation amounts. These are not specific estimates of how much compensation may be awarded to you.
Suppose you move forward with a personal injury case. In that case, the injuries board will assess your case and provide you with a compensation figure based on the severity of your injury, the length of recovery and the outcome of your recovery.
If you have a question about the above or any area of personal injury claims then please get in touch with the team at Keenan & Company today.

 *In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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