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Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycle Accident Claims

Cyclists are considerably vulnerable to road accidents. Unlike cars, even a low-speed accident on a bicycle can prove to be dangerous for the rider and might leave them with several injuries and mental trauma. 


If you have been injured because of another person’s ignorance, you deserve compensation to cover the costs of your recovery process. For this, you can reach out to a solicitor to understand the process of filing a bicycle accident claim.

What are various ways in which a bicycle accident can take place with no fault of the rider?

There are multiple ways in which bicycle riders can be injured without any fault of their own; some of them are:


  • Sometimes, cars take a turn without checking the rearview mirror. There is a high possibility of hitting a cycle in such scenarios.
  • Due to aggressive driving, some cars might change their driving lanes too frequently. They might end up missing to check on cycle drivers and hit them by accident.
  • Another common incident of bicycle accidents is when car drivers ignorantly open their car doors without checking if any cycles are passing by. Cyclists might end up getting hit by an opening door.
  • The cycle lanes have holes or are damaged.
  • Unexpected pot-holes
  • Cars improperly parked


If you’ve been injured with no fault of your own, you should straightaway file for a bicycle accident claim. Situations such as cycling lanes not being in a proper condition deem compensation from the authorities.

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What can be the implications of a bicycle accident?

After a bicycle accident, a rider might suffer from physical as well as mental injuries. Though the physical injuries might heal soon, the psychological ones might take considerable time. Additionally, the riders might end up missing several earning opportunities from their daily routines. Hence, it is critical to file a bicycle accident claim to cover the losses you had to incur because of someone else’s ignorance.

What should you do if a bicycle accident occurs?

First of all, you need not worry about the expenses if you were not at fault. If you collided with a car, note down the number of the vehicle and the driver’s contact details. 


You should also take a photograph of the location and look around for witnesses. Reach out to a solicitor for guidance on how to file a bicycle accident claim.

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How can you calculate your bicycle accident claim value?

Estimating the amount of financial damage is an integral step before filing a claim. To calculate the final amount, you need to add up the bills you had to pay, along with the opportunities you lost due to the accident. The overall process might be complex and draining. Hence, it is advisable to take the help of a solicitor to formally lay claim to what you deserve.

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