White Collar Crime

Non-violent crimes, including public corruption, mortgage or healthcare fraud, money laundering, come under 'white-collar crimes'. While this area of crime was previously neglected, the Gardai is inspecting firms more thoroughly in an attempt to reduce white-collar crime.

If you're a corporate employee or your firm is under scrutiny for allegations related to white-collar crime, it is important to hire white-collar crime solicitors who can guide you through the process and protect your assets.

How can legal allegations affect your company?

You cannot be charged a legal fine until you are convicted. However, the allegations can still change your company's operations. A criminal investigation is enough to harm you and your company's reputation. This can lead to long-term effects on your business function, profits, and even company expansion in the future.

What can white-collar crime solicitors do?

White-collar crime solicitors guide you through the legal troubles by providing you with clear, concise advice. Through a transparent and systematic approach, they aim to protect you from false allegations and sanctions. With their help, your company can avoid sustaining major damages caused by on-going investigations.

Most white-collar crime solicitors specialise in handling the following white-collar crimes:

  • Money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Extradition Requests
  • Civil, Criminal and Regulatory law violations
  • False accounting cases

How can solicitors help you?

White-collar crime solicitors excel at navigating the Civil, Criminal, and Regulatory law requirements that usually hinder business and can offer you a service package that is bound to secure your future.

Here are three ways white-collar crime solicitors help you: 

Investigations and Inquiries: Several solicitors offer to conduct internal and external investigations on your behalf into bribery, fraud, money laundering, or corruption allegations to help prove your innocence.

Representation: The main job of a solicitor is to represent you cross-country (or internationally) for all investigations and inquiries. As your legal counsel, they're responsible for offering you transparent feedback during negotiations.

Advice: As your representative, they'll be responsible for preparing you for witness examinations and advising you regarding legal matters. It's important to select someone who operates on a 100% honest policy which includes keeping complete transparency with all their clients. 

Choosing a good white-collar crime solicitor is the most important step in dealing with your legal disputes. Brian Keenan has extensive experience in the area of white collar crime and has completed the Kings Inns qualification in Corporate, Whilte Collary and Rgulatory Crime. 

Solicitors can give you advice and help you understand the complex legal processes and terminologies. With the right representation, you can ensure you have a fair chance of getting a favourable outcome in the end. 

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