How To Help Your PI Solicitor


Ireland is a country with a common-law jurisdiction whose court system is originally based on the English legal system mainly divided into two branches: civil law and criminal law. Irish civil courts hear disputes between individuals, organisations as well as the state. With a Court of Appeal who hears all appeals from the High Court's decision, and saves in exceptional circumstances, its decision is final. 

In Ireland, damages are usually paid by way of a lump-sum payment, rather than any other form of payment, such as an annuity. As a general rule, damages are calculated in the amount considered necessary to put the injured party back in the position they would have been in had the relevant wrong not occurred. 

With over 6 million car crashes that occur in Ireland and the UK each year, being involved in an accident, even a minor one can be a nerve-wracking experience, so it's advisable to know what steps to take to help your personal injury- remain calm, check for injuries, check for damage, report the accident to law enforcement and file an insurance claim. Irrespective of whether someone was driving the car or not, an immediate claim for compensation can be made. Even if the injury looks very mild and does not require medical treatment or the car damage looks minor, it is advisable to call the Gardai to the accident spot to maintain an official record. 

Initially, the car accident claim process can seem dismaying. However, firstly, a free medical examination in the local area to assess the severity of the injuries and approximate recovery time needs to be done. However, the evidence-gathering process involves a full account of the car accident of when it happened, how it happened, where it happened and why it happened. Gathering photographs along with witness statements together with the medical report all will be examined. 

You will need to maintain all documents and receipts associated with the accident, which includes photographs of the vehicle and accident scene, photographs of injury immediately after the crash, receipts related to medical care, including X-rays and details of visits to the physical therapists or chiropractor. Make sure the necessary documents are signed and dated accordingly. 

Having receipts of all miscellaneous costs incurred by you, which were a direct result of the accident with the mentioning of all the difficulties you have to overcome daily will be a great help. 

Also, it is a fact that car accident injury claims vary drastically as with most types of accident claims. The time limit for car accident claims is 2 years from the date of the accident or 2 years from when the injury is diagnosed and can be proven to be a result of a car accident. But in some circumstances, the 2 years time limit can be extended. 

First and foremost, with a solicitor by your side, the car insurance company will not be so quick to tempt you with a dismal settlement for your car crash in exchange for dismissing the case. Another reason for hiring a personal injury solicitor is that they are experienced and will know exactly how to present your case and what factors to include in the presentation to get the highest compensation possible.

In a nutshell, to ensure that the case goes on smoothly, a good client does whatever is necessary and that the best outcome can be reached. That means- 

Respond to your solicitor- Make sure to keep your solicitor updated and return your solicitor's phone calls, emails, or letters promptly, as you may cause delays.

Attend all medical appointments- Make sure to attend your medical appointments timely. Your health care provider will be notifying the jury. If you miss them, it may impact negatively on your claim.

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*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.