New Judicial Guidelines

The Judicial Council, a body constituting all the judges in Ireland, published the new guidelines for compensation of personal injuries. The new Personal Injuries Guidelines came into effect on Saturday, 24 April 2021. The date was declared by The Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee TD. 

The Personal Injuries Guidelines are concerned with a diverse range of injuries pertaining to General Damages. These General Damages include pain or distress inflicted to an individual through an injury caused by someone else’s fault. The Guidelines do not modify the Special Damages, which cover the charges incurred by medicine or travel, as well as the reimbursement for loss of wages.

How do the New Judicial Guidelines work?

After the commencement date, the new Personal Injuries Guidelines will substitute the Book of Quantum for all personal injury claims. These guidelines are expected to lessen the number of claims with prolonged and expensive litigation procedures. 

When an individual successfully follows through with a claim for personal injury, the court will award them compensation under the new Personal Injuries Guidelines. If, however, the Courts are unable to follow the Guidelines for a case, they must provide a valid reason. 

Solicitors can help by representing a client pursuing personal injury compensation in court. They defend the claimant's legal interests and prepare the required legal documentation. 

How will the New Guidelines affect insurance?

The new Judicial Guidelines are aimed at reforming the insurance sector. The Guidelines also serve in relieving customers and businesses through the reduction of insurance costs. The overall cost of insurance cover involves a significant percentage of costs incurred by personal injury claims. 

Why were the Judicial Guidelines for Personal Injuries updated?

The objective of the new Personal Injuries Guidelines in Ireland is to ensure consistency in the process of awarding compensation for personal injuries. A secondary aim has also been to modify the personal injury guidelines so that they are in harmony with those applicable in other countries. 

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