Passenger Claims

In Ireland, car accidents are the most prevalent cause of personal injury legal costs, with over ten thousand individuals injured in road traffic incidents each year. 

Almost 90% of these accidents are due to mistakes on the driver's behalf (Road Safety Authority Report 2008). Vehicle ownership is widespread in Ireland, and the public transport system is restricted. Hence, most individuals will commute in a car practically every day, either as drivers or riders.

As a result, if you were wounded in a traffic collision for something you were not at fault for, seeking advice from experienced solicitors who deal with passenger claims is highly recommended. 

Each case provides a varied set of details and you'll need the appropriate solutions to your specific circumstances. Understanding the steps that are required in processing a claim along with the correct legal advice will significantly help maximise your settlement.

Eligibility of making a car accident claim

You may be entitled to vehicle collision recompense in Ireland if it can be proved that you're not at fault for the accident where you were injured and that a reckless car driver or the body responsible for maintaining roads should be held liable.

What is the purpose of passenger injury compensation in Ireland?

A claim for personal injury reimbursement in Ireland can be made for any direct harm incurred due to the actions – or lack of actions – of a foreign entity. Many individuals assume that only significant injuries may justify a compensation claim, but this is not the case. Cuts, gashes, and bruises can all be grounds for filing a compensation claim.
Speaking with a qualified solicitor who practices in passenger injury claims in Ireland will help establish how much compensation you are eligible for. After that, you'll figure out if filing a claim for injury compensation in Ireland is viable, as well as the best approach to proceed with your claim.

How will you get the compensation?

In most cases, obtaining compensation for accidents in Ireland entails filing two distinct claims, each of which will address a different part of your compensation. Your selected solicitors will determine a value for your impairments after considering how they have impacted your standard of living to pay you for pain, anguish, and malformation.

A claim for general damages for direct harm covers these components of compensation. A solicitor's estimate of general damages will consider an injured victim's age, gender, and overall health and will almost always be greater than the Injuries Board Ireland's estimate.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of being a passenger and would like to know more about the steps toward making a claim, please get in touch with us using the contact information below.